Think independently as I speak
Because you should arrive at the same conclusion I did
We have had the same experiences
We have had the same tendencies
Why would you not agree?
If you don’t get to where I am,
You are in the wrong
I have I vast pool to draw from
While you have not lived
I’ve had at least three people see my point of view,
And you?
Not even close to a few
If you learn anything, I hope it is this:
You are wrong, unless you are with me

I feel as though I should be diagnosed
As restrained by the chemicals in my brain
I’ve asked before if I could go
But my parents talked and decided no
I imagine how my life would be
Had I been examined thoroughly
I wish, I want, it makes no difference
I won’t find out until the final distance

There are no rules
I broke the rules
The rules were broken by me

I was bored that day
I had nothing to do
So I broke them quite efficiently

I took some scissors
The scissors were sharp
They cut through the rules very easily

I have no regrets
Not a single letter
I’ll still be living rather happily

We were my yes
And a confident block of time
From turning our backs
On everything we had been taught

The rain falls and is caught by the dry crevasses that line the walls within my soul.

It seems like something’s going on just outside my grasp
A lost dream I can’t get a hold of
But something real
A force to be reckoned with
It might be for or against me
It’s too hard to tell

Charlie has moments of immobilization
Lying on the floor with nothing to do
It helps that she knows her triggers
But the triggers happen nonetheless

Her friends have offered to help
She has even taken them up on it
Yet she can still be found on the floor
Trapped in an unreality full of realities

We started out
On the couch
And ended up
On the floor

My school sits maybe a hundred yards away
While I sit in my car in the parking lot
I’ve sat here for ten minutes by now
Debating whether or not to return
Back to the confusion that claims the halls
But I don’t want to leave this quite I’ve found
I need a rest from chaos before I drown

I think that we are raised one way
And then told it is not correct
We then throw everything we know
Out the window
And start from scratch
We screw up every possible way
To create a truth that holds true
In the hopes we don’t have to start over

Collection of my life.