I do not think that a person’s heart is a simple lock that only requires a key to open. I do not think that love is finding the person who has this key or giving this key to someone. Rather, I think love is finding the person who is like a burglar. They want so desperately what’s inside your heart, that they wait to hear the clicks that they are on track to crack a safe. They spend precious time perfecting the combination to achieve having you. That is what I think love is.

I was taught that sex makes things complicated
And I’m sure it can
But we are an exception
Even now that we are done



I go
Thirteen days without seeing you
Five days without speaking to you
And now
I talk until two in the morning
Without you

Life is like a fly
When it has nothing to do with you
You say it’s a good thing
It helps the world
But when it lands on you
Or threatens to do so
You are thrown into a panic
To remove the fly
To kill the fly
To smash the fly
In short,
No one wants to deal with life

I am the black sheep of my family
I know it is me
And I know it well
I am glad it is not someone else
But still
I am the black sheep of my family

This coffee keeps me awake
Although I’d rather not stay
I messed up bad
I don’t want these consequences
I swear I won’t do this again
It was in the moment
Or in the moments

I live the extremes in my average life

The days when success
Is you not noticing
Is like being happy
About a change of plans
Because sometimes
What you avoid is what you want
And sometimes
The aversion is the best plan

Breaking your heart will break mine

Collection of my life.