"My parents would be so proud"
Is not a phrase I’d use
To describe who I have become

"I am so proud of my daughter"
Is not something my parents
Would ever say to strangers

I ate supper and my mom said
“I am so proud of you”
I couldn’t tell her otherwise
So, she is proud

I don’t believe in absolutes
They limit possibilities
And construct unneeded walls

Lost at sea
I look at the stars
Like back at home
They resemble bars

Each light different
Each light blended
I don’t mind being lost
It can be splendid

I projected a map of you
An extension of my body
Without you I feel wrong
A lonely amputee
The map of me has a hole
I cannot seem to replace
You have taken a part of me
I forever am empty space

I am dumb as fuck
Get drunk off happiness
Make the wrong choices
Wound up done

It’s like summer never happened
It was there now it’s not
A short, quick spasm
Soon to be forgot

My fingers dance on skin
Writing love with every tap
Comforting every groove
Making their home on someone else
Like a house made flexible
It will last through the storm
A leaky roof could be worse
But my fingers fix the wounds

Your hand can’t make you feel the way I can

I like feeling slightly drunk
It’s the right amount of control
I still can function
Everything is softer
Everything is a little better
I don’t quite function
I loose some control
I like feeling drunk

You are a mountain
Tall, brooding, unchanging
I am the ocean
Swift, uncertain, beautiful

You are reliable
I am forever chaotic

We are doomed in this life
The base of the mountain sprawling
Waves reaching up the shore
Like an asymptote, we never touch

Collection of my life.